Event Regulations

Section A - General Provisions

  1. Participation in the event The Poker One by Stanleybet (hereinafter, Event) involves the expressed acceptance of this regulation in all its parts.

    In order to allow the Event to take place in the best possible way, or if specific reasons arise, the Event Promoter reserves the right to impose further provisional behavioural/conduct requirements and/or provisional derogation from all that is outlined by these regulations.

    Failure to comply with the provisions contained in these regulations or any provisions that may be issued during the Event could lead to, at the absolute discretion of the Event Promoter, the immediate exclusion from participation in the Event and/or removal from the spaces in which this is held, without the right to refund, compensation, rewards and/or claims.

    These regulations do not concern the technical guidelines of the tournaments which are managed by the organisation of the host casino according to the international rules of the Poker Tournament Directors Association.

  2. Should the Event be cancelled or postponed for reasons of force majeure, or circumstances beyond the reasonable control of Stanleybet and the other Organizers and / or Promoters of the Event, or for decisions taken to protect the interest and health of the players, the Customer / Participant will not be able to request reimbursement of the expenses incurred for the purchase of the ticket and any other expenses incurred relating to the participation in the Event.

  3. Stanleybet reserves the right to modify at any time and at its discretion the contents, the services offered and the functional and operational methods of this site.

  4. The All-Inclusive packages and / or Tickets purchased give access to what is declared on the site and remain non-monetizable.

Section B - Sponsorship

  1. The use of logos on the final tables of a tournament of the Event is subject to the following provisions:

    • the clothing of any player may not bear the logos of more than two sponsors;
    • logos displayed on clothing must respect the following restrictions:
      • back: the surface covered by logos must not be greater than 260 cm2;
      • sleeves: the surface covered by logos on one or both sleeves may not exceed a total of 169 cm2; logos on one sleeve may not be the same as those on the other, or promoting the same brand;
      • chest: the surface area of logos on the chest may not exceed a total of 169 cm2; logos on one side of the chest may not be the same as those on the other, or promoting the same brand;
      • hat: the surface covered by logos must not be greater than 80 cm2;
    • items of customized clothing must not bear offensive images and/or expressions;
    • in the event that a player starts a final table without displaying logos, they may not display them after the final table begins.
    Anything other than, anything that is expressly permitted by this article must be deemed prohibited.
  2. During the Event, players, including those qualified to take part through online websites, may not promote sponsors other than those promoted at the start of the same Event. If a player does not promote any sponsor at the beginning of the Event, they may not start to promote any sponsor during the same Event, except in the case of the Event's main sponsor (Stanleybet.it).
  3. In Event tournaments, it is forbidden to be sponsored (either directly or indirectly) by an Unauthorised Operator. If the Event Promoter or the Tournament Director observes that a player promotes the logo of an 'Unauthorised Operator', it may request the immediate removal of that logo and, in the event of refusal, it may expel the player from the tournament without the latter having the right to compensation, rewards, refunds and/or claims.

    For the purposes of this article, 'Unauthorised Operator' shall mean a third-party operator of the game:

    • which has organized tournaments that offer as a prize, a free buy-in; and/or
    • which has registered players in a tournament of the Event without obtaining the requisite licence or without respecting the terms and conditions.

  4. The Event Promoter and the Tournament Director shall have absolute discretion when approving the clothing of players during the Event, and when requesting the removal of sponsorships that disobey the provisions of these regulations.
  5. Within the Tournament Areas and in the areas designated for logistics support it is absolutely forbidden to carry out any activity of a direct commercial nature to acquire players from other gaming sites or to directly nominate yourself to gaming site owners or their representatives for any sponsorships to be displayed on your clothing

    In the event that any conduct referred to in the previous paragraph is detected, the Event Promoter or the Tournament Director may disqualify the player from one or more tournaments of the same Event.

  6. Players taking part in the Event who exhibit brands, logos or other distinctive signs of third parties must guarantee that they have obtained from the latter all licences required in order to use said distinctive signs in accordance with these regulations. This includes licences regarding their distribution via the media and social media, indemnifying in full and holding the Event Promoter free from any request, including claims for damages or compensation, put forward by third parties in relation to the use of the same.

Section C - Image rights

  1. During the Event, audio-visual footage may be recorded for the purposes of its distribution through national and international media, including its broadcasting during programmes and/or live or pre-recorded series, as well as streaming. For that purpose, it is also possible that during the Event, participants may be photographed or depicted in pictures or illustrations.
  2. During Event tournaments, players sat at Televised Tables must show their cards to the hidden video camera and/or allow for the sensor/detector to make a reading using RFID technology. In the case of refusal, the Event Promoter or the Tournament Director reserves the right to exclude the player from the tournament without the latter having any rights to compensation, rewards, refunds and/or claims.
  3. By participating in the Event, the player authorises the distribution of their image, wherever this is contained (audio-visual footage, photographs, illustrations, etc.), through all possible national and international media, as well as its reproduction or reprocessing in films, videos or other forms of audio-visual representation.
  4. Players of Event tournaments are obliged to respond to any reasonable request drawn up by the Event Promoter for the promotion of the Event.
  5. During the Event, if required, players must take part in any press conferences and/or interviews.
  6. Before the start of Event tournaments, if required, players must sign their acceptance of any further releases for the use of their image/s.

Section D - Responsibilities of the player

  1. Players participating in the Event must verify and respect the current tax regulations in their country of tax residence with regards to the taxation of any winnings achieved during the Event.
  2. Players are responsible for any acts committed by their companions and/or guests during the Event, including in areas outside the spaces where the Event takes place (hotels, casinos, clubs, etc.). If a player or their companion/s behave improperly, the Event Promoter reserves the right to disqualify the player from the Event or, if required, to request their removal from the host casino, without the player holding any rights to compensation, rewards, refunds and/or claims. For the purposes of this provision, companion shall mean anyone that is indicated as such by the player on their registration form, irrespective of the type of accommodation requested.

Section E - Accreditation and rules for Media personnel

  1. Journalists and bloggers who intend to attend the Event and access areas reserved to the media must be accredited by sending a specific request within seven days from the start of the Event.

    The request for accreditation does not automatically mean that a pass shall be issued or that a place shall be assigned in the areas reserved for the media. The request must always be followed by the related notification of acceptance or refusal of the same.

    Any press agency or company operating in the media sector may receive a maximum of two passes; this limit may be reduced at the discretion of the Event Promoter in view of the reception capacity of the space intended for the tournament. At their discretion, the Event Promoter may release a number of passes greater than those provided for in the first sentence of this paragraph in the case of personnel involved in television filming.

    Passes are personal and not transferable.

    For the purposes of subsequent publication through their own channels, accredited media personnel may request the audio-visual material produced by personnel involved in television filming appointed by the Event Promoter, notwithstanding the latter's rights on such material.

    Any abuse of the use of passes shall result in the withdrawal of the same and exclusion from the Event, without the right to refund, compensation and/or claims.

  2. Where possible, the Event Promoter commits to set up one or more areas reserved for the media, equipped with an internet connection.

    Access to these areas shall be permitted solely to accredited media personnel.

    The use of the internet connection is permitted solely for professional purposes linked to media coverage of the Event.

    In areas reserved for the media, you may not conduct interviews and/or radio/television broadcasts; the Event Promoter may set up dedicated areas for interviews during the tournaments.

    In the event that the maximum capacity is reached for the area reserved for the media, the Event Promoter reserves the right to limit access to it.

    Any breaches of the provisions in this article shall be punished by withdrawing the accreditation, without any right to refund, compensation and/or claims.

  3. No access is permitted to the Tournament Area by accredited media personnel without the prior authorisation of the Event Promoter.

    It is permitted to record audio-visual footage and take photographs in the Tournament Area, except if there are specific reasons of expediency that will be promptly communicated by the Event Promoter and/or the Tournament Director. Subject to the issue of the Event Promoter's specific authorisation, it is also possible to broadcast the tournament through live streaming on websites and blogs.

    In the Tournament Area, accredited media personnel must behave in such a way that they do not obstruct the tournament, they must not interact and/or distract the players and they must comply with the information provided by the Event Promoter and/or the Tournament Director, under penalty of immediate removal from the Tournament Area.

    During the final stages of each tournament, the Tournament Area is reserved solely to players, as well as the Tournament Director and personnel involved in television filming appointed by the Event Promoter. Where possible, the Event Promoter shall set up an area reserved for the media close to the Tournament Area.

    During the tournament, the use of flash and filming in close proximity to the Televised Tables is forbidden.

    Outside the Tournament Area, you may record audio-visual footage and take photographs only if it is within the limits allowed by the host casino's regulations, under penalty of withdrawal of the pass.